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The Approach of our Window Cleaners

Window Cleaning ChesleaOur technicians have to inspect your windows in order to choose the appropriate tools. The waterfed pole they use, allow them to reach windows from the ground up to the fourth floor. This system benefits from the power of the water pressure. A gentle brush at the end of the tube removes the dirt and spots on the glass. Purified water is the substance that does the job. It also has dust preventing features. If your property is more than four stories high, our team will use ladders or ropes. This is usually the only option for commercial buildings. Inside your house, our specialists will wash the windows with squeegee and dry cloth. In order to preserve your health, our staff uses only organic detergents. If you want to know more about the cleaning process, dial our number to give you all the details.

Enjoy The Excellence of our Window Cleaning

    Window Cleaning Cheslea

  • Make your home or office brighter and improve your way of life. Let your employees enjoy the sun while they are working.
  • There is no windows too high nor to big for our team. No matter how complicated is the job, they got the skills to complete it. Screens, windows, skylights and sashes are just a few of their specialties.
  • Because of our expertise, we make sure we left no scratches or any damages. Our high standards are the reason our customers choose us.
  • If you like we can also send you a handyman to replace or glaze a glass.
  • Ionised water is the only substance we use when we wash inside your house.
  • Do not buy anything, because we prefer to bring our own supplies. Trust in our selection of efficient and eco-friendly solutions.
  • We can deliver our services on a short notice and at any time of the day.