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One Off Cleaning Services

Typical One Off Cleaning Service

    One Off Cleaning Cheslea

  • Our team usually starts with dusting all surfaces. This also includes the picture frames and over the wardrobes. Polishing the wooden parts is the final step of this phase.
  • Then our workers vacuum all carpets and rugs. Of course they mop the hard floors and scrub hard to remove spots. To avoid any damages they use gentle brushes and non-toxic solutions.
  • If you wish they may organise your bookshelves. But you have to give your permission first.
  • The bathroom requires some efforts, too. The tiles and grout, tend to accumulate a lot of germs. That is why our team pay special attention on them. The taps, sink and shower cabin comes next. Disinfecting the toilet is another key moment.
  • Moving into your kitchen, our specialists will begin with the cleaning of the appliances. Then it is time to spray all the surfaces and wipe them out. Finally, our workers will vacuum the breadcrumbs and dirt off the floor.

The Importance of a Spring Cleaning

The assistance of our Cheslea cleaners deserves your attention for a number of reasons:

    One Off Cleaning Cheslea

  • Organise your home without putting efforts. Consequently you will have the time for more enjoyable activities.
  • When you book us you do not have to provide anything. We carry all the cleaning solutions and tools on our own. Not to mention the benefit from the modern equipment we use.
  • Another positive side is the flexibility of our services. Book as many procedures as you wish. You are also able to select the time of their execution. Get an end of tenancy and move in cleaning for example. As a result you will decrease the price of both services.
  • If you do not know how to cope with tough stains we do.
  • Any Time Cleaning Cheslea are the eco-friendly choice because we use only organic detergents.
  • In case you need us now, we are able to accommodate your request. We work on demand, even on Saturday and Sunday.