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End of Tenancy Cleaning Any Time CleaningBefore we start every end of tenancy project we need to know some details. In the first place you can tell us the number of the rooms, during the booking phase. If you wish we can perform an on-site inspection of the property. Provided that we will know the appropriate number of cleaners we should send for your move out. When they come to your house they will start with the tasks that take more time. Such chores is scrubbing the tiles and grout in bathroom. Or removing stubborn stains from the walls or floors. Of course the most common jobs like vacuuming the floor and dusting are also part of their to do list. They dust every furniture and appliances, and they also remove the spider webs from the ceiling corners.

Hire End Of Tenancy Cleaners Cheslea for Number of Reasons

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Any Time Cleaning

  • Above all there is 48-hour guarantee. If you are not happy with the outcome you can call Any Time Cleaning Cheslea to repeat the whole process.
  • All our workers have insurance. Furthermore, we always check their references before we hire them. We also train them in order to match the highest expectations of our customers.
  • Another key advantage is that we follow strict standards of rentals agents. As a results we make even the pickiest proprietors happy.
  • You will get your safety deposit back. On the other hand your landlord will have his or her property looking more expensive.
  • Whenever you wish you can add extra services like oven cleaning. Thus will qualify you for a discount.
  • Avoid the need to buy expensive products. We bring all the supplies on our own as well as the special equipment.
  • We sanitise your ex-home while you take care of the new one. In that case you will benefit from the extra time you will get.